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NEC SDN Partner Space is a partnership program run by NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology to create a cross-industry ecosystem around SDN/NFV solutions.

The partnership program supports the NEC/Netcracker SDN/NFV Solutions joint band that addresses the opportunities associated with SDN and NFV for service providers. This initiative brings together the best of NEC’s network innovation and Netcracker’s IT leadership and telecom expertise to deliver comprehensive end-to-end SDN/NFV solutions. NEC/Netcracker is providing SDN/NFV-based solutions to all types of businesses, government departments and communications service providers (CSP). NEC/Netcracker has over 250 SDN/NFV-based solution implementations in Japan and around the world. We bring more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower businesses, people and society.

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What is NEC SDN Partner Space?
SDN Partner Space is an open SDN/NFV ecosystem program enabling network and IT vendors to enter the already huge and fast growing SDN/NFV market, redefine the rules imposed by traditional flat networks and benefit from new business opportunities backed up by NEC’s and Netcracker’s SDN/NFV expertise.

For CSPs, joining SDN Partner Space will help transform the traditional business by including new applications and services that are only available in virtualized network environment. Moreover, SDN Partner Space enables a CSP to make its in-house virtual network functions compatible with other SDN/NFV solutions and cross-sell them to other businesses in any market.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) changes the way data packets are handled. Switching to SDN technologies eliminates the need to control network functions via decentralized routers. Now CSPs can manage operations from a single, external control centre.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) transforms of the way of service delivery. It brings unmatched flexibility to design and dynamically scale new services based on customer needs. It also enables maximum efficiency of network and IT resource usage and optimizes costs.

The revolutionary SDN/NFV technologies eliminate the legacy network by using an intelligent network of open and compatible applications. Appliance vendors and data center owners can focus on meeting their business needs rather than the underlying technologies. The SDN technology helps separate application, control and data planes of the network, simplifies management tasks and enables innovators to create rich enterprise-grade solutions that deliver tangible end-user benefits and help drive revenue growth.

  • · Compatibility with industry’s best offerings. By joining NEC SDN Partner Space partnership program, you can certify your solutions as compatible with best-of-breed NEC/Netcracker SDN controllers, end-to-end Management & Orchestration, Virtual Data Center, virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE), virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) offerings. This will enable fast and smooth deployment of your solutions in the world’s top carrier and enterprise environments that are embracing virtualization technologies today

  • · Solid, highly standardized platform. Being compatible with NEC/Netcracker SDN/NFV solutions means that you build your SDN/NFV solution based on an open platform complying with industry standards and, therefore, compatible with a large ecosystem of solutions from other vendors. This is made possible due to NEC/Netcracker’s active contribution to SDN standardization committees, such as ONF, OpenDaylight, ONOS and many others, and NFV standardization organizations including ETSI, TMForum, OASIS  TOSCA .Additionally, our SDN Partner Space gives you access to the exclusive ProgrammableFlow APIs that extend the standard OpenFlow network functions and complexity abstraction capabilities

  • · Access to the best resources to develop your solution.NEC SDN Partner Space provides a single point of access to the most complete and structured repository of SDN/NFV knowledge base, development, integration and testing resources. This is in addition to a dedicated virtual cloud testing environment to trial the compatibility of your application with the SDN controllers, service and network orchestrator and other virtual network elements

Becoming a SDN Partner Space member will provide you access to major carrier and enterprise business opportunities worldwide through NEC and its channel partners. Accelerate your business expansion to into the innovative world of virtualized network technologies by partnering with NEC and Netcracker, the world’s leaders in SDN/NFV solutions.


How to enroll step by step

1) Join our partnership program by registering here

2) An NEC SDN Partner Space representative will contact you to personally assist you in creating your account and accessing the SDN Partner Space knowledge base that contains:

  • · Product technical documentation, sample source code and an SDK

  • · SDN/NFV webinars, events materials, partner solution documentation and much more

3) Access your personal SDN Virtual Lab to be able to:

  • · Test your application with a virtual OpenFlow Controller and northbound APIs

  • · Trial your application for compatibility with multiple switches and other applications in the NEC SDN Partner Space community

4) Check your VNF interoperability with NEC/Netcracker’s end-to-end Management & Orchestration solution and make it part of SDN/NFV ecosystem to be able to:

  • · Quickly onboard your home-grown VNFs and services, work with virtual team to instantiate and support VNFs

  • · Access Netcracker’s full performance and functional testing capabilities

  • · Improve your VNF performance by following the recommendations of a Netcracker expert who is always available online to consult you

5) Use our flexible membership categories to access SDN/NFV business opportunities that are perfect for your company.



NEC SDN Partner Space program offers significant benefits for every type of partner, regardless of your company size or focus. We offer flexible membership categories of which you can choose the one that suites you best.


NEC/Netcracker’s deep virtualization experience and market leadership allows us to guarantee a successful business transformation for CSPs. By joining the NEC SDN Partner Space program, service providers will be able to including new applications and services that are only available in virtualized network environment.

Moreover, SDN Partner Space enables a CSP to make their in-house virtual network functions compatible with other SDN/NFV solutions and cross-sell them to other businesses in any market. This will help expand business with minimum expenses.


We welcome virtual network functions and hardware vendors to join our partnership program for interoperability testing and certification.

NEC/Netcracker’s virtualization solutions are deployed by the largest service providers around the globe. We always support the initiative to jointly provide interoperable offerings with other vendors in order to leverage mutual competitive advantages in the new SDN/NFV era..

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