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A10 Networks Expands Relationship with NEC

TOKYO - March 28, 2017 - A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a secure application services™ company, today announced that it will participate in NEC Corporation's “NEC SDN Partner Space” global partnership program for SDN/NFV, and that the two companies will deliver a joint SDN/NFV solution to the market.

Over the years, A10 has offered a host of solutions for SDN/NFV markets with their Thunder Series family of products. For example, A10 links its Thunder ADC series with NEC's WebSAM vDC Automation cloud infrastructure software and NEC Cloud System. Together, they form a solution that supports construction and operation of customers' cloud infrastructures. A10's participation in the NEC SDN Partner Space program involves the integration of individual solutions as a “SDN/NFV Cooperative Solution,” which the two companies will deliver to the market globally, centering on Asia and Europe.

By strengthening the SDN/NFV Cooperative Solution, A10 will continue helping telecommunications companies, enterprises and data centers become more agile and efficient.

“I am delighted that we are able to offer the SDN/NFV Cooperative Solution with A10 Networks,” said Shigeru Okuya, general manager of NEC's SDN/NFV Division. “Our customers will be able to choose from solutions offered by a wide range of partner companies, allowing seamless integration of security and application networking solutions with customers' virtual infrastructure. NEC and A10 Networks' Cooperative Solution will enable telecommunications companies to offer secure and robust networks to end users.”

For more information, visit

NEC Trials IoT-oriented Network Control Technology using SDN and Pro-baseball Broadcast Video

Tokyo, March 14, 2017 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced that it trialed a system to dynamically create and utilize optimized networks by monitoring network traffic volumes and information tied to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as video cameras. This trial was conducted between February 24 and February 26, 2017, in a joint effort with Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) using broadcast video images (*1) of a Japanese pro-baseball training camp, and utilizing the JGN and RISE (*2) testbeds provided by NICT.

For the trial, NEC used a network environment comprising of NICT-owned VPN routers, SDN controllers and SDN switches positioned in Tokyo and Okinawa. NEC provided an IoT service enabler (*3) for this network environment.

During the trial, NEC carried out real-time monitoring of network traffic to build and deploy individual virtual networks with the necessary performance capabilities, such as transmission bandwidth and processing capabilities, for successfully transmitting pro-baseball training camp broadcast images from Okinawa, Japan.

"Improving the ability to share network infrastructure is an important issue in achieving the widespread adoption and popularization of IoT services. From the perspectives of cost and operability, it is not realistically feasible to construct individual, independent network infrastructures on a service-by-service basis. Linking IoT service enablers with SDNs is one new solution that enables us to resolve these kinds of issues; and to construct service-oriented networks as needed in order to cater to continually changing IoT environments and requirements. Based on this trial using JGN and RISE, we now have high hopes that this solution will be used in various services, as a highly-competitive product," said Kazumasa Kobayashi, Director of the JGN Network Operation Group, National Institute of Information and Communications/Visiting Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

"We are honored to contribute to this trial with NICT," said Shigeru Okuya, General Manager, SDN/NFV Division, NEC Corporation. "Moving forward, we will continue to engage proactively in trials, research and development efforts utilizing SDNs and IoT service enablers in order to improve service quality for telecommunications operators and reduce network operating costs.”

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Trend Micro Joins Forces with NEC and Netcracker to Deliver Integrated Virtualized Network Security Solution for Carrier-Grade NFV

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced that it is joining forces with its long-standing channel partner NEC Corporation and NEC’s affiliate Netcracker Technology, the providers of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions, as well as business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS), to integrate NEC and Netcracker's management and orchestration capabilities with Trend Micro’s Virtual Network Function Suite. This will create an effective, high-performance and comprehensive virtualized network security solution that can be used in carrier-grade NFV deployments.

“As NFV continues to be recognized as next-generation network architecture, it brings not only opportunities, but also challenges, especially in how we design and plan security protections in dynamic NFV networks,” says Dr. Terence Liu, vice president of Network Threat Defense Technology Group at Trend Micro. “It is not enough to convert physical security function to a virtualized platform. An effective security virtual network function (VNF) needs to be natively crafted and optimized for NFV infrastructure, while also working closely with the rest of NFV components to provide the best elasticity and most efficient response. With Trend Micro’s security intelligence and the rich experience in managing carrier NFV networks from NEC and Netcracker, we will enable communications service providers (CSPs) to provide effective and agile security protections to businesses and individuals in the NFV era.”

“We are happy with our decision to team with Trend Micro, which will give our customers a broader choice of pre-integrated partners and enable them to seamlessly implement security capabilities for their virtualized infrastructure,” says Shigeru Okuya, general manager of the SDN/NFV Division at NEC Corporation. “Bringing together the power of Trend Micro and NEC/Netcracker’s SDN/NFV portfolio will provide a more robust network solution for CSPs and contribute to safe and secure networks for enterprises and consumers.”

”Virtualized and distributed NFV architectures require a ‘back to the drawing board’ approach on security. It is not sufficient to use paradigms used in legacy networks and apply them to the cloud-based and service chained networks of tomorrow. NEC/Netcracker is pleased to collaborate with Trend Micro to address this critical need for our customers,” says Rahul Chandra, vice president of NEC/Netcracker’s Worldwide SDN/NFV Business Development. “Through rigorous integration of their solutions with NEC/Netcracker’s market-leading network as a service (NaaS) solution, we are excited to offer service providers highly secure and pre-integrated orchestration capabilities that can serve as a foundational and secure platform for supporting their virtualized service portfolios going forward.”

Trend Micro’s Virtual Network Function Suite is designed to offer flexible, reliable and high-performance virtual network security functions for CSPs from premise, to edge, to the core network. At the foundation of the Virtual Network Function Suite is Trend Micro’s innovative deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, which provides various network security functions including intrusion prevention, URL filtering and application control. It has been widely adopted in a variety of network security products, from home routers to enterprise-facing next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

By validating and integrating Trend Micro’s Virtual Network Function Suite with the NEC/Netcracker NaaS solution, the companies will be able to work together closely to create further technical and business synergies as more NFV migrations occur.

NEC/Palo Alto Networks SDN Defense Solution

January 31, 2017 - The SDN solution team is pleased to announce the general availability of the Automatic Cyber Attack Defense Solution (Palo Alto Networks Integration). The long awaited solution is now ready and customers will be able to order the new solution beginning Tuesday, January 31, 2017 in all countries and regions where NEC's ProgrammableFlow and Palo Alto Network's Next Generation Firewalls are available.

In recent years, there has been an increase in number of cyber-attacks against public institutions, enterprises and personal information. Damages from information leaks caused by targeted cyber-attacks have forced organizations to suspend operations, lose credibility and pay enormous amount of compensation for losses. Since it is virtually impossible to prevent all types of attacks, it has been increasingly important for organizations to be able to quickly respond against cyber threats while controlling security operation costs.

The Automatic Cyber Attack Defense Solution is an SDN (Software Defined-Networking) cyber security solution that integrates Palo Alto Network’s next generation firewall with NEC's ProgrammableFlow series to provide automatic protection against cyber-attacks. The solution is capable of automatically detecting security threats with the Palo Alto Networks’ firewall, and immediately block network traffic from the infected terminal within seconds with NEC’s ProgrammableFlow resulting in prevention of internal damage from spreading.

Going forward, NEC will continue contributing to the realization of a safe and secure society by providing solutions that help strengthen security.

For more details, please access the website below.

NEC/Netcracker Recognized for Two SDN/NFV Product of the Year Awards by TMC

NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has awarded them with two distinct 2016 Product of the Year Awards for their SDN and NFV solutions. NEC/Netcracker's Master Transport SDN Controller won TMC's 2016 SDN Product of the Year Award and their Hybrid Operations Management (HOM) solution received the 2016 NFV Product of the Year Award.

"Recognizing leaders advancing the SDN and NFV market, TMC is proud to announce NEC/Netcracker as the recipient of our 2016 SDN Product of the Year Award and 2016 NFV Product of the Year Award," said Rich Tehrani, CEO at TMC. "NEC/Netcracker's SDN/NFV solutions continue to demonstrate innovation and these awards exemplify how NEC and Netcracker are helping service providers seamlessly transition to virtualized technologies."

NEC/Netcracker's Master Transport SDN Controller enables service providers to centralize network management and provide multivendor interworking across multiple domains. The Hybrid Operations Management (HOM) solution, part of the NEC/Netcracker Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP), helps service providers operationalize NFV by enabling end-to-end orchestration and filling the gaps in legacy BSS and OSS.

"We are honored to be recognized by TMC for our leadership in virtualization solutions," said Joanna Larivee, Senior Marketing Director at Netcracker. "This recognition is a testament to our dedication to helping our customers future-proof their networks."

Drawing upon cloud and virtualization, two of the most powerful trends in computing, NFV promises to deliver new levels of flexibility, efficiency and agility to service providers. Similarly, SDN architecture is having a profound impact on the IT and telecom industries and, as this technology continues to grow in popularity, the SDN and NFV Product of the Year Awards recognize companies that are leading the way creating best-in-class SDN/NFV architecture and applications.

Netrounds joins NEC SDN Partner Space to accelerate network analytics and testing in SDN/NFV environments

Netrounds, a leading provider of active network analytics and software-based test and service assurance solutions for communications service providers (CSPs), announced today that it has joined the NEC/Netcracker SDN Partner Space ecosystem and is collaborating with NEC and Netcracker, providers of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions as well as business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS). The collaboration will enable CSPs to capture new revenue opportunities by accelerating agile deployments of assured network services and incorporating active test and assurance solutions via open APIs into OSS workflows for increased efficiency and decreased operational expenditures.

Netrounds’ software-based active test and assurance platform will be integrated with NEC and Netcracker’s orchestration and network monitoring solutions to allow CSPs to deploy an active solution that covers the entire service lifecycle in an automated, DevOps-based and operationally efficient way. This will accelerate the delivery of dynamic network services by eliminating manual efforts that prevent full automation of fulfillment and assurance workflows.

“For our customers, the ultimate end goal is to become more agile and to capture new business opportunities, and this requires solutions built on software, supporting comprehensive end-to-end automation of both operational and lifecycle processes. The integration of Netrounds with NEC and Netcracker’s orchestration and network monitoring solutions allows our customers to utilize Netrounds’ complete API to automate assurance and active analytics in their networks,” said Mats Nordlund, CEO & Co-founder of Netrounds. “The use of our open API for easy integration with OSS, NFV orchestration, service quality management and other adjacent support systems will assist our CSP customers in their quest for zero-touch automation and greater degrees of flexibility and dynamic control.”

“Service assurance and analytics are essential components in a truly open multivendor SDN/NFV ecosystem,” said Timur Aliev, Head of Product Strategy and Innovation at NEC. “With Netrounds joining NEC/Netcracker SDN Partner Space program and working together with NEC and Netcracker to deliver assured network services, we mitigate the operational risks feared by many in the virtualization journey, giving our customers the ability to combine commercial-ready network and cloud applications seamlessly.”

“Fast time-to-market and agile service delivery will be key differentiators in tomorrow’s communications market,” said Rahul Chandra, Vice President of Worldwide SDN/NFV Business Development at Netcracker. “NEC’s and Netcracker’s IT and networking expertise combined with Netrounds’ service assurance and testing solutions will allow service providers to drive their virtualization initiatives forward, helping them redefine customer engagement models and become preferred services partners.”

Telefónica Announces Successful POC for SDN/NFV with NEC/Netcracker

NEC Corporation, Netcracker Technology and Telefónica Business Solutions have successfully completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) based on SDN/NFV that allows Telefónica to accelerate its strategy to automate operations and provide a new agile WAN on the business market. 

Netcracker Technology and Telefónica Business Solutions have successfully completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) based on SDN/NFV that allows Telefónica to accelerate its strategy to automate operations and provide a new agile WAN on the business market.

Telefónica, which won the award for “Operator of the Year” in the category of network virtualization, has partnered with NEC and Netcracker on this PoC, combining software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) to provide more dynamic services on the worldwide WAN portfolio for enterprises. This is a big step forward as the previous PoCs were isolated elements of the solution. 

As part of the PoC, NEC/Netcracker and Telefónica built an end-to-end solution for a virtualized VPN service over a virtual CPE. The solution includes a full orchestration and self-care stack from NEC/Netcracker, integrated with Telefónica’s virtual infrastructure solution and several virtual network functions, such as virtual SSL termination gateway, virtual firewall, etc. 

The orchestration solution successfully handled automated provisioning and the activation of both virtualized and traditional networks to establish virtualized VPN service and deploy the virtual network functions on the cloud. 

The solution enabled the fully automated provisioning of a virtualized VPN service triggered by customers from a self-care portal, as well as fully automated value-added service provisioning and configuration. The solution allowed customers to access the VNF settings, including provisioning new remote VPN users on an SSL gateway straight from the self-care portal, establishing and modifying firewall and Web content filtering policies and giving the remote employees access to corporate network resources as well as policy-driven access to corporate resources on public cloud services. 

“The rising complexity of the WAN Network is a significant drain on our time-to-market KPIs,” said Eduardo Guardincerri, Service Development & Planning Director at Telefónica Business Solutions. “That is the primary reason to invest in Proofs of Concept, to address this important challenge.” 

“Given the increasing demand for virtualized solutions, we are excited to work with Telefónica and demonstrate the in-depth capabilities of our innovative SDN/NFV solutions,” said Frank DeTraglia, Chief Customer Officer at Netcracker. “We are pleased with the results of this PoC and look forward to expanding our relationship with Telefónica as the market and demand for virtualized technologies grow.” 

This technology will help reducing time to deliver for Telefónica from weeks to minutes and manage customer requests in real time once the service is provisioned.

Swisscom Launches Strategic Initiative for Migration to Cloud-Based Applications and Virtualized Infrastructure with NEC and Netcracker

NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology have announced that Swisscom AG has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NEC and Netcracker as a part of its major cloud-based transformation. NEC and Netcracker will assist Swisscom to transform its business to a full cloud environment by jointly developing next-generation IT solutions, accelerating Swisscom’s development of its virtualization capabilities and assisting it to showcase and operate a world-class hybrid network and access layer.

The first phase of this transformation will focus on the migration of IT applications to the cloud and virtualizing IT in order to accelerate speed to market for new services, increase operational agility and reduce CAPEX and OPEX. As part of the initiative, Swisscom is also planning to build a series of Centers of Excellence focused on the next generation of business transformation. Under this MOU, NEC, Netcracker and Swisscom will partner to build a Center of Excellence for SDN/NFV and cloud transformation. This will enable Swisscom to optimize the use of SDN/NFV and support the testing and operationalizing of both physical and virtualized network components in real-world environments.

During the first phase of this transformation, NEC and Netcracker will migrate Swisscom’s Netcracker OSS (fulfillment and assurance) solution to the cloud by leveraging the capabilities from Netcracker’s latest product suite Netcracker 10, which will result in greater flexibility and cost savings. NEC and Netcracker will also deliver their end-to-end Service and Network Orchestration solution and Transport SDN Controller to virtualize, integrate and manage Swisscom’s diverse underlying infrastructure and services and enable its seamless migration to a fully virtualized environment. The Orchestration solution is optimized to support Swisscom’s hybrid network and cloud access management capabilities.

“Our Cloud Strategy is foundational to delivering the quality and innovation that our customers have come to expect from Swisscom,” said Heinz Herren, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer at Swisscom. “We are partnering with NEC and Netcracker to put in place the key elements of our Cloud Strategy due to their track records of innovation and delivery.”

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications service provider, offering customers throughout the country a full range of sophisticated products and services, including fixed-line and mobile telephony and Internet services, as well as digital television, IT and networking solutions.

“NEC and Netcracker have already delivered SDN/NFV solutions for commercial networks and we are confident that we can help Swisscom leverage the cloud and orchestration solutions needed to achieve its business transformation goals,” said Shunichiro Tejima, Executive Vice President at NEC Corporation. “By combining NEC’s expertise in infrastructure technologies with Netcracker’s end-to-end suite of award-winning OSS solutions and IT background, we are thrilled in supporting Swisscom’s journey to the cloud and virtualization.”

“Swisscom’s innovative nature combined with new cloud-based solutions and hybrid network capabilities will introduce the next-generation flexibility and agility required in Switzerland’s fast-paced telecommunications market,” said Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO at Netcracker. “We are excited to expand our long-term partnership with Swisscom and create the foundation for innovation and operationalization in this mission-critical domain.”

Dell and NEC deliver service agility, visibility and choice in Software-defined Networking (SDN) solutions

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced IT, communications and networking solutions, and a pioneer in Software-defined Networking (SDN), today announced that the NEC ProgrammableFlow® Controller has been verified compatible with the Dell Inc. S-Series of high performance managed switches. The interoperability of the two products:

  • Creates a high-performance Ethernet fabric that provides the needed throughput to meet the demands of new applications and services
  • Enables network virtualization to unlock service agility without the need for encapsulation
  • Delivers network service virtualization through a flow-based network policy management
  • Provides end-to-end visibility with automatic network discovery and configuration

Network administrators leverage NEC's SDN technology to achieve greater service agility through network automation and are able to control costs by consolidating network equipment. NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN solutions simplify network operation and increase network visibility, improving service levels by fine-grained control and visibility of network traffic. NEC has more than 250 deployments of the ProgrammableFlow Network Suite worldwide, in a wide range of service provider and enterprise environments. Many of these deployments have also included the consolidation or virtualization of network services, thereby also reducing network equipment power consumption, rack space and device cost.  


The new distribution agreement will allow Dell to resell the ProgrammableFlow Controller Software as one of the software options sold with Dell's networking hardware. Dell's S4810, S4820, S5000 and S6000 series of switches running Dell OS9 have been verified compatible with the NEC ProgrammableFlow Controller version 6, with additional validation of Dell switches planned.


"Unlocking the network from the tight coupling of hardware and software opens more customer choice to achieve better service levels at lower costs," said Arpit Joshipura, vice president, Dell Enterprise Networking & NFV. "We are excited to work with NEC to address the market demand for automation and open standards."


"As SDN networks are being deployed at a rapid rate, customers now have the added confidence that these technologies can be used where appropriate as part of scalable, high-performance networking environments," said Harry Inoue, vice president, Global Solution Platform Center, NEC Corporation of America. "We've worked closely with Dell Networking on product testing to ensure interoperability and simplified product integration that will provide our customers with ease of deployment and operation."


"As SDN solutions continue to gain traction among enterprises and service providers alike, the industry is at a seminal turning point. Collaboration between vendors will be the key to transitioning organizations to more efficient, flexible and scalable software-defined data center networking environments. Now, two leading SDN vendors are coming together to meet this accelerating market head on, with innovative solutions to better meet the demands of open networking,"  said Brad Casemore, IDC Corporation.


For more information about NEC's ProgrammableFlow SDN network suite, visit


NEC Launches SDN-Compatible Switches for Large Data Centers

NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the development of Software-defined Networking (SDN) compatible switches that enable network configurations equivalent to several thousand server racks, aimed at the large data centers operated by telecom carriers and service providers. The switches go on sale globally starting today.


The new switches are available in two varieties. The PF5340-48XP-6Q is a Top of Rack (ToR) switch with a 48-port 10GbE interface for consolidating servers. The PF5340-32QP is an aggregation switch that consolidates multiple racks with 32 40GbE ports. When used in combination with an SDN controller the switches enable a highly scalable and cost-efficient large data center network to be built utilizing SDN.


"SDN is one of the core areas NEC is focusing on in its Social Solutions Business, and to date NEC has amassed a track record of more than 250 system installations across the globe. These new switches help resolve issues faced when increasing the size of data centers, among them the complexity of operation and difficulties in expansion," said Toshio Suzuki, general manager, Converged Network Division, NEC Corporation.


NEC Validates Network Service Virtualization with the Open Networking User Group

New York - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced IT, communications and networking solutions, today announced the successful completion of ONUG's first testing program to validate its ProgrammableFlow® SDN fabric against key IT requirements from the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Conference at Columbia University. The ONUG use case validation testing is a landmark event in the networking industry, signaling the first time commercial solutions are being tested against requirements outlined by the ONUG Working Groups. This extensive, three-month long testing process was conducted by Ixia in conjunction with ONUG.


The ONUG tests aim to provide proof of concepts, feature validation, and demonstrations to ensure that the networking solutions in the network overlays, SD-WAN, and network services virtualization areas deliver on the top 10 requirements developed by the ONUG Working Groups. Network Service Virtualization (NSV) is critical to ONUG members because it enables on-demand service delivery, reduces CapEx of network appliances, decreases configuration time, and increases network speed to deploy new services.  ProgrammableFlow's SDN fabric enables on-demand orchestration of data flows for network service insertion and real-time flow logical and virtual visibility to reduce network troubleshooting.


The key NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN solution features that were tested included the following:

  • Successfully tested on-demand service insertion of physical and virtual network services; the tests were completed on a multivendor switch fabric, illustrating how advanced services can be provisioned and managed without having to be locked into a single network vendor.
  • Verified that NEC's SDN fabric is easily adaptable to existing physical and logical network services and new virtual instances services, unlike alternative solutions that require replacing existing network services to upgrade.
  • Demonstrated support for open and standard APIs (JSON, XML format) for tools and application integration with third-party vendors.
  • Showed agile networking for mission-critical applications through fast failure detection, convergence and recovery.
  • Demonstrated SDN interoperability with switches from NEC, Dell and NoviFlow.
  • Testing included network services from Radware, Riverbed,  F5 and virtual platforms from VMWare, Microsoft and CentOS.


"The ONUG testing further illustrates the mission-critical and production-ready nature of our award-winning ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite," said Don Clark, director business development, NEC Corporation of America. "Our ProgrammableFlow SDN solutions solve the real challenges in today's networks."


"We were delighted to have NEC on board with ONUG this spring. These tests underscore our commitment to the ONUG community of IT executives and vendors to validate product features that meet IT business leader requirements for enterprise cloud infrastructure," said Nick Lippis, chairman and co-founder of ONUG. "We are confident that this testing effort with partners such as NEC will assist in moving the open infrastructure industry from technology curiosity to operations."


ONUG Working Groups

ONUG's six current working groups represent the centerpiece of the IT community's work toward bringing software defined networking to the larger networking industry. SDN has been a work in progress, requiring much-needed user input and leadership to affect the development of commercial products.


ONUG kicked off its initial three working groups, focused on Virtual Networks/Overlays, Network Services Virtualization, and Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), in the spring of 2014 to develop use cases and associated requirements. Headed by members of the ONUG board and top IT business leaders, the working groups represent user-driven capabilities.


At ONUG Fall 2014, each of these three working groups generated white papers that included six architectural design models mapped to uses cases with top 10 requirements. The current testing program is the crucial second step toward validating market solutions against these ten requirements for each of the three groups.


Three additional working groups were formed in January 2015 to round out the broader SDN deployment across the enterprise. The new groups include: Network State Collection, Correlation, and Analytics; Common Management Tools across Network, Storage, and Compute; and Traffic Monitoring/Visibility.


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise & NEC to Participate in SDN Lab at Interop Las Vegas with Joint Enterprise SDN Solution

Next week ALE, with its Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions (booth 1027), and NEC Corporation of America (NEC) (booth 1033) will be demonstrating capabilities for operating, managing and automating networks via Software-defined Networking (SDN) as joint participants at Interop Las Vegas 2015, which takes place April 27 through May 1 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. 


New to the event, the InteropNet SDN Lab is designed as an educational resource for the IT community to demonstrate features, functions and principles of SDN. Here, resources will come together to test SDN systems and applications using both open source tools and vendor hardware and software.


In conjunction with Interop's team of network experts, the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise/NEC solution will demonstrate the following concepts:

  • Networks that adjust to changing workloads and conditions
  • Using SDN to initiate traffic engineering functions such as selectively routing around problem spots, sending traffic to monitoring devices, or routing to multiple Cloud providers based on dynamic network conditions
  • Automated integration between applications and network resources using APIs and controllers

Today's businesses are driven by growth opportunities and goals to optimize operations that gain more return on investment. The joint solution between the two companies provides mid-to-large enterprises an efficient, orchestrated network fabric where services can be easily deployed, migrated and extended providing exceptional agility and operational efficiencies. In addition, the fabric understands application needs and dynamically optimizes itself providing a quality user experience.


ALE and NEC have demonstrated interoperability in previous environmnents, as ALE is a member of NEC’s SDN Partner Space program. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch Platform SDN interfaces integration has been validated with NEC's ProgrammableFlow® Controller.


The InteropNet SDN Lab will feature hands-on whiteboard sessions hosted by industry experts using open source and vendor tools for a number of demonstrations. InteropNet tours and classes will run Tuesday, April 28 – Thursday, April 30 at the InteropNet Lounge on the expo floor. For more information about the SDN Lab visit



NEC's ProgrammableFlow 6 Software-defined Networking Suite provides new pricing plus new features for campus networks

NEC Corporation of America, a leading technology integrator providing solutions that improve the way people work and communicate, today announced the launch of Version 6 of its award-winning ProgrammableFlow SDN Networking Suite.

Pay-as-you-Grow Pricing

The new release includes a new pricing scheme for the ProgrammableFlow Controller that is based on network capacity. With the new pricing, network operators can deploy an SDN network that meets their current needs and then cost-effectively scales as the network grows. NEC introduces a ProgrammableFlow SDN Starter Pack, which is priced starting at $3,000 and provides the features of the ProgrammableFlow Controller software, but is designed for smaller SDN deployments, including departmental or lab deployments. The network easily scales up as capacity requirements grow.

"The new pricing enables customers to deploy networks of any size to seize the operational and performance benefits of Open Networking," said Don Clark, director, business development, NEC Corporation of America. "We are confident that once our customers experience the benefits of SDN, they will make it a part of their IT infrastructure."

Expanded Capabilities for Campus Networks

NEC is also adding new capabilities to Version 6 that address challenges customers have in campus deployments. With this release, network architects can build larger, more reliable, wide-area Ethernet fabrics that stretch across the campus or metro area. Combined with network virtualization, these new capabilities enable network operators to deploy converged network fabrics across remote sites, reducing the need for the costly network hardware required by most traditional networks. SDN for campus networks improves service agility through simplified operations and greater traffic visibility, as compared to traditional networks.

"Marist College has benefited from using SDN as a network management tool since we deployed an OpenFlow-based SDN campus network more than a year ago to interconnect three college data centers," said Robert Cannistra, professor of Computer Science and IT at Marist College. "We've found that the dynamic nature of SDN helps us take full advantage of our network infrastructure and gives us more control in determining what network traffic takes priority. NEC is at the forefront of this technology as it continually adds new functionality such as path policy, automation, link aggregation and security to its SDN solution. It has the most comprehensive feature-rich SDN solution on the market today."

Evaluation Now Available

ProgrammableFlow Version 6 is now available as a free download. Customers can evaluate how fabric-based SDN can increase network service agility, boost performance and reduce downtime throughout the organization.



NEC Named 2014 Best of Interop Winner in Management ProgrammableFlow® Unified Network Coordinator (UNC) Wins Management Category

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), along with NEC Corporation in Japan, announced today that NEC's Unified Network Coordinator (UNC), a ProgrammableFlow Version 5.1, OpenFlow-based, software-defined data center interconnect solution, has won the Best of Interop Management category, as determined by a distinguished panel of judges at Interop Las Vegas. The conference continues through April 4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. For more information, visit 

The Best of Interop Judging Committee, made up of 16 award-winning IT editors and analysts, reviewed nearly 130 entries in nine categories. The winners in each category represented the products that the judging committee believed had the most significant technical impact on their segment and are helping to move business technology forward. 

“Congratulations to NEC for winning the Management category of the Best of Interop awards, and to all of our winners,” said Interop General Manager Jennifer Jessup. "We're excited for Interop attendees to be able to experience these new technologies first-hand in the Expo." 

First announced March 3, 2014, NEC's UNC addresses key challenges faced by today's businesses, including increased business continuity requirements, greater bandwidth needs, better access to geographically dispersed apps and data, increased network complexity, and required visibility for better security. 

The UNC tackles these issues and improves scalability of the network controller by 10 times over previous ProgrammableFlow controllers. It enables construction and orchestration of virtual networks across multiple controllers within a data center, as well as across interconnects between data centers. The UNC's capability of linking virtual networks across and between data centers gives customers the ability to link to specific policies within the UNC. In turn, users gain the ability to have an end-to-end policy across multiple controllers and multiple domains. With its up to 10x* scalability, each ProgrammableFlow UNC can control up to 10 controllers or 10 sites or 10 zones in a large data center; 2,000 switches (compared to 200 per controller in previous version); 100,000 VLANS; and 10 million flows. 

*As tested by NEC

 “The award in Management continues the recognition NEC has achieved as a leading provider in the SDN space. We're honored that the Best of Interop Judging Committee recognizes the business value that NEC's UNC delivers by improving an organization's networking agility,” said Don Clark, business development director, NEC Corporation of America. “NEC looks forward to continuing our success in delivering SDN solutions that solve real-world challenges for our customers.” NEC is showcasing the UNC plus the latest version of the ProgrammableFlow Network Suite and NEC's cloud, biometrics, analytics, unified communications and collaboration, and managed services solutions this week at Interop Las Vegas in NEC booth #1839. 


Realizing the potential of Software Defined Networking & advancing the carrier vision of NFV

Join NEC and NetCracker at SDN & OpenFlow Congress, organized by Layer 123, in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 14-17 October on stand 55-56. We’ll be presenting a number of keynote speeches looking at how SDN and NFV is moving from early trials to real-life deployments and sharing some of our insights as a pioneer in the marketplace. As a platinum sponsor of the show NEC has a number of guest passes to give away.

For the past three years, operators have been investing in R&D for SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network functions virtualization), carrying out numerous proofs of concept, trials, and a few commercial deployments. The SDN World Congress is the right moment to get to know more about what news we have about Software-Defined Networking.

Wednesday 15 October

11.35hrs – Delivering the promise of SDN

Kazuya Hashimoto | Executive Vice President, Carrier Solutions | NEC Europe

In this session, Kazuya Hashimoto will look at how the network can become a strategic asset – both saving and making money. He’ll look at the benefits of a network that is fluid in topology and architecture with the ability to provision, programme and scale clients and resources on demand to meet the diverse needs of different customer segments or applications.

15.55 – Service chaining

Samrat Ganguly | Principal Network Architect | NEC

How can virtualization can make service chains and application provisioning a whole lot shorter and simpler? In this presentation Samrat will outline operators can use catalogues of network resources and policies relating to QoS, bandwidth and security to create new services in an SDN environment. Join this session to find out how service chaining enables traffic to be steered along the appropriate path in the network in light of the customer profile, service type, traffic patterns or other characteristics.

17.30 – Panel debate – Cloud SDN & NFV Forum

Aloke Tusnial, VP of Sales from NetCracker Technology will debate the key opportunities and challenges in the Cloud SDN & NFV marketplace.

Thursday 16 October


17.25 – Panel Debate – Datacentre SDN & NFV Forum: The new generation software-defined datacentre

Jaime Gutiérrez De Mesa | Global Product Manager SDN Datacenter | NEC Europe

The new generation software-defined datacentre leverages compute, network, and storage solutions driven by APIs with the management and control functions separated from the data processing components. This provides many benefits for enterprises and service providers. Attend this panel to hear NEC’s insights on how taking virtualization a further, progressing through the entire network, can help cloud service providers and enterprises realise the full benefits of the software-defined datacenter. Jamie will address questions about how SDN de-layers and simplifies physical network infrastructure, centralizes traffic management and application delivery and improves resource sharing and utilization rates to minimise costs and maximise the customer’s service delivery experience, drawing on real-world examples.

NEC demos

A range of NEC and NetCracker demos will be showcased on stand 55-56, including our MANO (Management and Network Orchestration), vDC, transport SDN and vCPE solutions (the latter, developed for Telefonica, will be on the Intel stand). NEC will also be represented on the stand of the O3 Project (which stands for Open Innovation over Network Platforms), led by the Japanese government’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. O3 is identifying which elements of the WAN can be made compatible with SDN to reduce the time it takes to put networks together, and create, change or close services in projects involving NTT Communications, NTT Network Communication Laboratories, NEC, Hitachi and Fujitsu.

NEC’s key focus

We’re currently seeing the rapid IT-ization of the telecoms industry, driven by a desire for cloud-based service delivery that enables operators to innovate fast and “right-size” their networks to meet real-time demand. NEC is one of the few vendors with rich, real-world virtualisation expertise across the data center, enterprise campus and carrier wide area network markets, enabling us to maximise network flexibility and facilitate the massive organisational transformation that is required to realise the full potential of SDN and NFV. Please let me know as soon as possible how many tickets you’d like and ask me to book a meeting with one of our experts to find out more.

The NEC and NetCracker team looks forward to welcoming you at the show soon. To find out more visit:


Is your company seeking business agility? Uncovering the Business Value of SDN

Gartner, in their research note, Ending the Confusion about Software-Defined Networking: A Taxonomy, published in March of 2013, states that “SDN is a new approach to designing, building and operating networks that support business agility. SDN brings a similar degree of agility to networks that abstraction, virtualization and orchestration have brought to server infrastructure.” If your company or organization is seeking agility, if competitors are nipping at your heels and the management team is constantly trying to move faster, more efficiently and innovatively, you will want to explore the benefits provided by this transformational technology: Software-defined Networking.

Hear first-hand SDN thought leaders from NEC, IBM and featured analyst firm Gartner Research, talk about the business benefits of software-defined networking. In a new interactive video, available from NEC and featuring SDN thought leaders from NEC, IBM, and Featured Analyst Firm Gartner, key questions are explored: What is SDN and what are the key characteristics? What business issues are propelling this technology? What is the role of OpenFlow in SDN? What are key SDN Use Cases? How can a customer get started with SDN? NEC has seen real benefits unfold for customers operating with ProgrammableFlow SDN in production today – some customers now with the PF6800 controller and OpenFlow-based switches have been functioning effectively for 2 years (including NEC’s own software development organization)!

NEC unveils Version 5 of ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite, featuring OpenFlow 1.3

NEC unveils Version 5 of ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite, featuring OpenFlow 1.3 Plans to demonstrate SDN technology and SDN ecosystem at Interop New York September 30-October 4 The ProgrammableFlow Networking team rolled out another market-leading version of its high performance OpenFlow Network Fabric last week. First to support the OpenFlow 1.3 standard with a generally available SDN controller, NEC also announced new levels of scalability, up to 200 switches per controller, advanced performance and reliability characteristics-including Ether OAM and IP Multi-cast capabilities, important for the big content providers. NEC has also expanded its network visualization capabilities, which of course have been integrated with the controller from inception, and include the ability to monitor end-to-end network flows from a central point. Johns Hopkins Physics Lab has implemented Version 5 to leverage the new OpenStack Grizzly interface. OpenStack Grizzly delivers new levels of stability, and coupled with ProgrammableFlow SDN, enables integrated orchestration of compute and network resources.



ONF Honors NEC as First Vendor to Certify for OpenFlow 1.0 Conformance

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a user-driven organization focused on the promotion and adoption of Software-defined Networking (SDN) through open standards development, has awarded NEC Corporation (NEC) with the first Certificate of Conformance offered through the ONF’s OpenFlow Conformance Testing Program. A Certificate of Conformance from ONF is the highest level of assurance available in the market today to confirm OpenFlow specification compliance. Dan Pitt, ONF Executive Director, presents Don Clark, Director of Business Strategy, NEC Corporation, and Fabian Schneider, Vice Chair of the ONF Architecture Working Group, and Senior Researcher at NEC Labs, with the Certificate of Conformance NEC’s ProgrammableFlow® Switches PF5240 and the PF5248 both earned the OpenFlow Switch Specification 1.0.1 certificate. Testing of NEC’s switches was conducted by the Indiana Center for Translational Research and Education (InCNTRE). The ONF OpenFlow Conformance Testing program was introduced in July 2013, and works with independent labs approved for ONF testing. Once the test specification requirements are met, the certificate of conformance is issued, validating that a company is using current technology and is guaranteed to accurately implement the OpenFlow specification. OpenFlow Conformant When the program was first rolled out, Rick Bauer, technical program manager at ONF, commented: “the ONF OpenFlow Conformance Program underscores an organization’s dedication to end users. The program assures that the products purchased and implemented are deployment-ready for end users’ networking environments, as well as future-looking for compatibility with the increasing number of SDN solutions built on an OpenFlow foundation.” He concluded that “the certified products deliver predictable results, reinforcing the end users’ overall confidence in the vendor.” This certification from ONF underlines NEC’s commitment to OpenFlow standards and to innovative network solutions. Vendors with certified products assert their commitment to both the OpenFlow specification and the benefits it provides customers, including interoperability and best-of-breed network solutions resulting in cost-effective networks delivering business agility. It is interesting to note that Red Hat previously certified NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite for the OpenStack Neutron plug-in. And earlier this year the ProgrammableFlow virtual switch for Hyper-V, the PF1000, was certified by the Microsoft Server 2012 team.