Download your Programmable Flow 6.2 Free 90-day Evaluation!

NEC's ProgrammableFlow 6 Software Defined Networking Suite provides new pricing plus new features for campus networks

NEC Corporation of America, a leading technology integrator providing solutions that improve the way people work and communicate, today announced the launch of Version 6 of its award-winning ProgrammableFlow SDN Networking Suite.

Evaluation Now Available!

ProgrammableFlow Version 6.2 is now available as a free download. Customers can evaluate how fabric-based SDN can increase network service agility, boost performance and reduce downtime throughout the organization.

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Pay-as-you-Grow Pricing

The new release includes a new pricing scheme for the ProgrammableFlow Controller that is based on network capacity. With the new pricing, network operators can deploy an SDN network that meets their current needs and then cost-effectively scales as the network grows. NEC introduces a ProgrammableFlow SDN Starter Pack, which is priced starting at $3,000 and provides the features of the ProgrammableFlow Controller software, but is designed for smaller SDN deployments, including departmental or lab deployments. The network easily scales up as capacity requirements grow.

"The new pricing enables customers to deploy networks of any size to seize the operational and performance benefits of Open Networking", said Don Clark, director, business development, NEC Corporation of America. "We are confident that once our customers experience the benefits of SDN, they will make it a part of their IT infrastructure."

Expanded Capabilities for Campus Networks

NEC is also adding new capabilities to Version 6 that address challenges customers have in campus deployments. With this release, network architects can build larger, more reliable, wide-area Ethernet fabrics that stretch across the campus or metro area. Combined with network virtualization, these new capabilities enable network operators to deploy converged network fabrics across remote sites, reducing the need for the costly network hardware required by most traditional networks. SDN for campus networks improves service agility through simplified operations and greater traffic visibility, as compared to traditional networks.

"Marist College has benefited from using SDN as a network management tool since we deployed an OpenFlow-based SDN campus network more than a year ago to interconnect three college data centers", said Robert Cannistra, professor of Computer Science and IT at Marist College. "We've found that the dynamic nature of SDN helps us take full advantage of our network infrastructure and gives us more control in determining what network traffic takes priority. NEC is at the forefront of this technology as it continually adds new functionality such as path policy, automation, link aggregation and security to its SDN solution. It has the most comprehensive feature-rich SDN solution on the market today."